• The Memory of a Butterfly

    The Memory of a Butterfly is a Facebook quiz application of which we tested our users upon their general knowledge for 2014. Users were asked to answer 12 multiple choice questions in 4 different categories, including music, social media, fashion and movies.

    The Memory of a Butterfly
  • I Dare in 2015:

    In our campaign, we urge our users to realize their wishes they always wanted to, but were too afraid to do so. When they are on our Facebook tab, they can choose from the readymade decisions we have prepared for them that calls for guts and fill out our form, or they can create their own valiant wishes on our visual templates. We will collect the identification and address info in the form, for the next step. Until 2016, we will save the wishes they have deposited with us in the area in our Facebook tab, so they can visit and choose here, when they need to remember their decisions. Plus, 6 months later, we will send them a postcard to remind them of their wishes and to urge them to make them come true.

    I Dare in 2015:
  • SihirliTweet

    Sihirli Tweet (Magical Tweet) is a Workattack product enabling carrying out campaigns using a hashtag on Twitter. This product allows the user to comprehend the contest in a few steps and create a tweet using the campaign hashtag. This platform becomes available in a short time for different brands, by quickly adapting a new design layout.

  • Keeping Up With The Butterflies / Helen Harper

    Workattack developed a creative concept & a contest for Helen Harper, which adopt the theme of "Free Butterflies Documentary" with different types of young girls that reflect their target audience. The app, which features daily questions about the characters, was also visually supported by illustrations of the characters and creative advertorials on Dream TV, which are also both created by Workattack.

    Keeping Up With The Butterflies / Helen Harper
  • #kumsaldayım / Helen Harper

    Workattack designed a creative campaign for Helen Harper before the end of the summer. The idea was to for young women to share "their beach excuses" for their menstruation periods during the holiday. The app, which was integrated with Instagram and the hashtag #kumsaldayım (#imatthebeach), was also announced on Dream TV's TV programme Beach Party with creative advertorials & spots, which are also created by Workattack.

    #kumsaldayım / Helen Harper
  • Which Butterfly Are You? / Helen Harper

    Workattack developed "Which Butterfly Are You?" app for Helen Harper, a brand of ONTEX Global. The app, which features a documentary-style viral video, demands the target audience to submit their photos according to the theme of “Free Butterflies Documentary”. The audience is expected to first choose their “Free Butterfly” persona and then to submit their thematic photo to the contest. Different adolescent girl personas as in the project are a hit among the target audience.

    Which Butterfly Are You? / Helen Harper
  • The Perfect Couple / Helen Harper

    Workattack developed "The Perfect Couple" app for Helen Harper, an European sanitary pad brand under ONTEX Global. The app, which is a fun questionnaire targeting the young girls between the ages 13 and 17, was launched before the Valentines' Day, giving the young girls a chance to find their significant other among the popular teenage celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner.

    The Perfect Couple / Helen Harper
  • Jack's Barrel Tree / Jack Daniel's

    Jack's Barrel Tree app, which was implemented from global concept and developed by Workattack, was be a part of the the global New Year strategy. The application aimed to localize the “Barrel Tree” concept by making people invite their Facebook friends to the application and bringing them together under the traditional Lynchburg Barrel Tree, so that all Jack Daniel’s fans will be “coming together” under the tree with their friends during the campaign. The first seven users who predicted the total number of barrels in the real Barrel Tree in Lynchburg won a special Jack Daniel's barrel with branded gifts in it.

    Jack's Barrel Tree / Jack Daniel's
  • #iyikidoğdunjack / Jack Daniel's

    #iyikidoğdunjack app, which had been on air during September 2012 on Jack Daniel’s Turkey Facebook page, aimed to launch the brand’s recurring “Jack’s Birthday” concept in Turkey with some interaction between Turkish Jack Daniel’s fans and the brand. The motto of the app was “Celebrate Jack’s birthday with Jack”. The platform, which was developed and moderated by Workattack, enabled Jack Daniel’s fans to celebrate Jack’s birthday with their own celebrations with photos or textual messages (including tweets with #iyikidoğdunjack hashtag): Fans with the most voted “stories” (celebration sharings of any kind) competed for the exclusive Jack Daniel’s prizes.

    #iyikidoğdunjack / Jack Daniel's
  • The Famous Dad / The Famous Grouse

    The Famous Dad app, which has been developed by Workattack based on the globally acclaimed “personalized label” concept of The Famous Grouse, aimed to reach to the Turkish audience of the brand within the concept of Fathers’ Day. The app enabled the users to customize The Famous Grouse bottle with their fathers’ names, their celebration messages and their photographs with their fathers and therefore, create their own personal Fathers’ Day celebration.

    The Famous Dad / The Famous Grouse
  • I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer / Sirma

    Workattack developed and moderated a photo contest for Sirma, one of the most popular water and mineral water brands in Turkey. The official Facebook page of Sırma was launched with this photo contest with the theme of "summer" and the page gained over 25.000 new fans due to the success of the campaign. Over 2.500 submissions from 15.000 app users were fetched during the airtime.

    I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer / Sirma
  • Cognac Talks / Remy Martin

    Workattack handled the production and concept development of the "Cognac Talks" videos for Remy Martin, the world's most popular cognac brand. The videos include a series of interviews with Oğul Türkkan, a renowned wine expert, which intend to inform the consumers on gusto, culture and history of cognac.

    Cognac Talks / Remy Martin
  • Cocktail Videos / Jack Daniel's & B-F Brands

    Workattack produced the "Cocktail Videos" for Jack Daniel's, a lovemark liquor brand worldwide. The videos aim to give the consumers an idea on how to make some of the most popular Jack Daniel's cocktails at home. This production is also made for Brown-Forman's other portfolio brands such as Remy Martin, Finlandia Vodka, Southern Comfort and The Famous Grouse.

    Cocktail Videos / Jack Daniel's & B-F Brands